06 January 2011

Astonishing Discovery #11

This isn't the most incredible "reeeeally??!" moment since I've been here, but I'm sure there are at least 10 others that I just haven't kept track of. Luckily for you, I will be now!

Shocking discovery #11 came on New Year's Eve. Jim and I hosted a party for 14 people, and I made sure to cut up lots of fresh veggies and roughage for everyone to pick at, and made sure to put out two types of hummus (sp. hummous) to dip it with. Silly me, I forgot the ranch!

So when I said, "I forgot the ranch!" The response was, "what's ranch?"

Come again?

Apparently ranch is an American thing. I should have guessed when I found Paul Newman dressing with a fat dollar sign on the front of the bottle. My face must have looked the same as when I told everyone we deep-fry our turkeys.

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