05 January 2011

Why American freedom should have come 2nd to my diet

This last summer I went to a wedding near Cloverdale, IN which is "somewhere in the middle", and then a little to the left. I was with my boyfriend looking for a place to have a very very quick bite to eat before we had to be at the rehearsal. Our options, in order of nutritional value, were: Wendy's, Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, and an unknown truck stop which I put last because it may have actually doubled as a slaughter house.

We chose Wendy's since their reputation is for their great burgers (for Jim), and I, the vegetarian, figured they'd have something on the menu that I could eat. At least more likely than McDonald's who has not one thing veggie (not even their fries).

I look at the menu, and alas, there is nothing. Even the salads have chicken or bacon chucked in with the lettuce. So I ask the man at the counter, "do you have anything that doesn't have meat in it?"

Without skipping a beat: "We have chicken." Oh no, no, no.....

I'm currently living in Tamworth, UK, which is....somewhere in the middle and a little to the left. This relatively small town is comprised of maybe 275,000 people. It's a fairly blue collar place, all very nice people, good drivers. I have seen one fast-food restaurant since I've been here (save London, which is just obviously bigger and caters to a wider variety of wider peoples). And yes, it's a McDonald's. I did my research and the McDonald's' here are veggie friendly. No friend, not just the one in London, but ALL of them. They cook their fries in vegetable oil as opposed to hog fat. Score!!

But there's more. Jim and I pulled through the drive-thru, and oh my word, there are like four things on the menu I can eat. From potato balls to fish sandwich to -- deep breath -- a veggie burger. No pause necessary. Burger.

It took like 12 minutes for them to make it but it. was. amazing. AMAZING.

As it turns out, someone/Jim tells me something like a 25% of British folks are vegetarians. Wha?!? Today I went into a gas station Subway thinking I'd walk out disappointed. I was in Fezeley. Ever heard of it?! No! And not only do their gas station Subways have my favorite veggie patties, but my sandwich-making artist actually asked if I wanted her to change her gloves as she'd just made a carnivorous sub for the man in front of me.

Bless you, England. Bless you.

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